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Infection treatment

We offer medical products with high technological content, we collaborate with companies specialized in the development of biomaterials for tissue regeneration and the treatment of bone infections.

Our best sellers are:

  • Reabsorbable and antibiotic-resistant synthetic bone substitute, intended for the reconstruction of bone defects and the filling of infected bone cavities, via a vacuum perfusion system of the chosen antibiotic. It is indicated for the reconstruction and filling of cavitary bone defects, such as: acute osteomyelitis /chronic/diabetic foot, intramedullary canals following prosthetic removal and intramedullary canals in case of open fracture.

  • In vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD), intended for use in the operating room and microbiology laboratory for the collection and processing of explanted medical devices and infected or suspected infected or suspected solid peri-implant tissues, without further manipulation of the samples. The breakdown of the biofilm occurs thanks to the use of dithiothreitol (DTT).

The products offered are from companies with a certified quality system according to European standards on medical devices.  Contact us for more information on the complete range of products and the territory in which we operate.

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